Work from any office and other new perks at Belvo

Aurora Lastres

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Work from any office and other new perks at Belvo

To continue taking care of the team, at Belvo we have recently added new perks such as the possibility to travel between offices, a mental health platform, and many more!

At Belvo we are a team of more than 80 people, with more than 15 nationalities, distributed in seven countries. In addition, we work with a hybrid model in which 30% of us always work from home, while others combine remote work with our offices in CDMX, Sao Paulo and Barcelona. 

We are a multidisciplinary company, with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets. This is something that we believe makes us unique and that we want to enjoy as much as possible.

That’s why, from the People area, we care about the well-being of each Belvoer. And we work continuously to create meaningful connections between us thanks to a company culture that allows us to have fun, take care of the rest of the team, and promote a healthy work-life balance. 

Part of this work is reflected in the team benefits we offer such as remote working, training and wellness stipends, among many others.

WFAO: travel and meet the team 🌎

We recently launched a new perks package to further strengthen the wellness culture at Belvo. And since we announced it, there is one that has become everyone’s favorite: Work From Any Office. 

What’s it? If you have been part of the Belvo team for a year, you can work from any of our offices twice a year for a week. You can go to CDMX and enjoy eating tacos with the team (and get what is already known at Belvo as the “full-Mexican experience”). Come to Barcelona for a vermouth with some patatas bravas or enjoy some caipirinhas and coxinhas in São Paulo. Sounds good, right?

It is very important to us that we all feel part of the same culture and continue to create meaningful connections between us (even at a distance). And what better way to do that than to travel and meet your colleagues from different locations around the world? 

The first WFAO visit was Alex’s (first from the right), who travelled from Mexico to visit our offices in Barcelona.

Other health and wellness perks at Belvo 💕

But that’s not all. Taking care of the rest of the team and ensuring that we all feel good, inside and outside of work, is a priority for us. That’s why we’ve also included health insurance for all Belvoers and access to a mental wellness platform where we can receive therapy or have professional coaching sessions.

In addition, at Belvo we have a number of monthly stipends that you can enjoy for different activities: 

  • Wellness: a monthly budget for activities such as going to the gym, taking a massage, piano lessons or anything that makes you feel good. 
  • Home office: budget for permanent remote workers who might want to accommodate their home. 
  • Coworking: for those who don’t have one of our offices nearby and prefer to work from a coworking space.

To ensure that we all work in the best conditions and with the latest technology, we also renew each person’s technological equipment every two years. 

We also value having the necessary and well-deserved time off and the flexibility to enjoy in the way that best fits us. That’s why at Belvo you can take the day off on your birthday and swap bank holidays within the same month so you can manage your work-life balance in the way that best suits you and your needs. 

Salary and growth are an important part, but at Belvo we believe that emotional pay and taking care of people are some of the most important parts of our DNA. For me, being part of the People team and working to deliver and promote amazing team benefits like these makes me proud every day!

Want to be part of our team? Take a look at our careers page to see the profiles we are looking for – we are waiting for you! 

✍️ Aurora is People Lead at Belvo.


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