Open Finance can benefit different parts of the credit process. This calculator estimates the ROI of implementing Open Finance to reassess the credit of users declined by the current funnel.

FAQS – ROI calculator

What does each variable mean? Average Profit Margin Per Loan represents how much money can be made from an extra customer. Total loans represent the number of loans that the company has granted during the complete year. Finally, the percentage of credit approvals represents the percentage of loans granted from all the loan applications received.
What is a rejected user? Those users have been previously rejected by the traditional credit assessment process and therefore have not received a loan offer.
Where do these numbers come from? They are the result of the analysis done in thousands of credit assessments which, together with your inputs, can show the approximation of the returns.
Are these the exact numbers? No, these are an approximation. Reach out to our team to analyze your funnel and assess the extra income, costs and return.
Can you do these calculations for other use cases? Of course, browse our website to check the different use cases for Belvo and contact us to explore your case.