Accounting & ERP

Automate your accounting and reconciliation processes

Reduce manual errors and costs using open finance to connect your solution with your customers’ financial data thanks to automated accounting, simplified expense management, and smoother invoicing.

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Data aggregation

Real-time data feeds to simplify your accounting

Aggregate all accounts in one place

Connect to your retail or business customers’ accounts data to provide an overview of their financial situation along with their real-time balance.

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Identify spending habits and patterns

Analyze the transactions your retail or business customer has made to better understand their financial health and automate cash flows.

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Monitor customers’ economy activity

Use our fiscal product to access invoices, tax compliance statuses, tax returns, and tax statuses to assess the economic activity of your business customers and evaluate their financial status.

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Data enrichment

Turn raw data into actionable insights


Categorization: crystal clear and enriched transactions

Our categorization engine translates your customers’ raw, unstructured transactional data into a clean feed of actionable items, including the merchant identity, date, and currency.

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Focus on what matters, build what your users need

Connect all accounts in one place

Get an instant snapshot of all your customers’ financial accounts through a single platform.

Understand your customers better

Access real-time information about your customers’ financial behaviour directly from its source.

Save time and reduce manual processes

Speed-up and simplify your processes thanks to access to verified financial information.

Increase engagement

Improve your customers’ user experience by allowing them to safely connect their financial data in simple steps.

Reduce fraud risk

Reduce the risk of document forgery and errors by replacing manual data recollection with digital processes.

Accelerate time to market

Streamline your processes to connect to multiple financial sources and focus on building your solution.

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Belvo is helping us automate our processes without the need to deal with the legacy systems of banks.
Angel Buzany, CTO
With Belvo we have real support, there is both a technological and business exchange between the teams. Any dealings are done through a direct communication channel that guarantees the security of our data.
João Augusto Betenheuzer, founder and CFO at Celero

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