Unlock the power of open finance in Latin America

Reach new audiences and convert more users by easily and safely connecting to their financial data, understanding their behavior and initiating payments with open finance.

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Why belvo

Leading the way in open finance

We’re the leading open finance platform in Latin America. Join the hundreds of financial innovators that already trust us to make their business more efficient, reach new audiences and convert more users.

Instantly access and enrich all financial data from multiple sources and move money seamlessly between accounts to better serve your customers.

Data-powered ROI

+3 M

Users connected accounts via Belvo-powered apps


Opt-in rate from users to connect accounts


Market coverage including B2B and B2C banks


Loan underwriting volume for lenders


Institutions connected to our API in Latin America

The easiest way to access financial data and move money

How does it work

Connect your users’ financial accounts and enrich their data in simple steps

Without leaving your app, users are asked to securely connect their financial data.

They just need to select the financial institution they want to connect to your app.

Then, they connect their account by securely entering their login credentials.

In just seconds, all their financial information will be automatically connected to your app.

What you can build

From lending to smart saving, we’ll help you create what your users need


Access, aggregate, and interpret customers’ financial information, such as their income, to build better borrowing experiences.

Explore how it works

The problem

Lenders today still heavily rely on manual, costly, and error-prone processes to gather information to make risk and underwriting assessments.

The solution

By automating access to financial data directly from its source, you can get an instant picture of your customers’ real financial profiles, stability, and ability to pay.

Personal Finance

Create more tailored financial solutions based on real data. Increase your users’ financial health through account aggregation, better spending analytics, and proactive recommendations.

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The problem

Users handle their money using multiple apps and services, making it hard for financial innovators to get a comprehensive view of their financial activity.

The solution

By accessing all your customers’ financial information through one single platform, you can create better money management tools that address their real needs.

Accounting and ERP

Reduce manual errors and costs via automated accounting, simplified expense management, and smoother invoicing.

Explore how it works

The problem

Accounting platforms today still require complex, manual, and time-consuming processes for accountants and customers.

The solution

Real-time data feeds allow you to simplify and automate accounting as well as reconciliation solutions.


Collect information faster and more easily by using auto-fill application forms and instantly validate the owner of any bank account to streamline your onboarding journey.

Explore how it works

The problem

Most companies still verify their customers’ identity or financial information through manual, time-consuming, and fraud-prone forms.

The solution

Access real-time and up-to-date financial data from your customers to simplify onboarding and speed up verification processes.


A fully integrated suite of Open Finance products

We provide all the tools you need to build next-generation financial products. Access and enrich financial data from a multitude of sources and initiate payments with a few lines of code.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits