Open Finance Payments Colombia (BETA)

Accept account-to-account PSE payments via Open Finance

Provide a frictionless user experience with an optimized flow when accepting Pagos Seguros en Línea (PSE) payments. Increase conversion rates at checkout and reduce costs.

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Offer your customers a frictionless and secure payment flow

Increase checkout conversion rate

We enable users to complete the checkout in fewer clicks and steps: 4 instead of +10 with traditional PSE flows, without redirection to any other application.

Lower costs and unlocked revenue

Receive funds instantly from your users bank accounts with an optimized journey and a lower cost than traditional methods such as credit cards.

Optimize user experience for recurring payments

After completing a first transaction, users can reuse their previously linked bank accounts to facilitate frictionless recurring payments without additional steps.

Provide a safe and secure payment method

Each transaction is authenticated directly with the bank with the user’s credentials and consent. Belvo uses bank-grade security standards and is ISO 27001 certified.

Receive funds instantly through an optimized PSE user journey

Provide a frictionless checkout experience to your users

Reduce the number of steps to 4 instead of 10 with the traditional PSE flow to increase conversion rates at this critical step of the buying process and lower acquisition costs to drive more revenue.

Eliminate the need for your users to be redirected to a third-party application to finish the operation. After the first transaction, users can reuse their previously linked bank accounts which makes recurring payments easier and frictionless.

Higher repayment rate and better user experience

PSE account-to-account payment can be used by lenders to increase their repayment rates and lower costs. Since your users’ banking details are saved after the first payment, recurring payments, as well as future repayments, become frictionless, which leads to better conversion.

In only 4 easy steps, your users can confirm the payment through strong authentication with bank credentials, and the funds are automatically credited to your app. Offer a more secure and better user experience with an optimized journey at a lower cost.

Top-up wallets and increase average account balance

Wallets are used by a majority of the Colombian population (30,6 million users) and the two main options to fund your wallet are by cash or with the traditional PSE flow. Through Belvo’s optimized PSE user journey, top-up wallet’s balance from bank accounts can be done in only 4 steps, without users leaving the application.

Wallet holders can be encouraged to increase their average account balance with a frictionless experience and optimized user journey without intermediaries or additional fees.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits