Belvo’s Connect Widget is now customizable

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Belvo’s Connect Widget is now customizable

A new public demo of Belvo’s Connect Widget and improved access to tax data are some of the most recent product updates that we’ve been working on.

Belvo’s Connect Widget is the smoothest way for users to connect their financial accounts with fintech apps. It provides a secure and optimized authentication process to connect to any institution –including banks and tax authorities– in just a few seconds. 

Increase conversion with our improved widget

And during the last months, we’ve released major improvements to this feature providing a more immersive experience for your users.

Connect Widget customization

Building a smooth and continuous experience between your application and our Connect Widget is key to build trust and drive conversion when asking for credentials. This is why we have added the possibility for branding customization in our widget. 

Now, you can customize the widget with:

  • Your company logo
  • Your company name
  • A custom color
  • A free text to highlight the benefits of your product
  • A free text when a user chooses to close the widget
Companies can now optionally customize the widget, including the company name, logo and color.

Learn more about our customization capabilities and how to use them here.

Full support for native apps

To build more immersive experiences on mobile applications, we also released full support of our Connect Widget for native apps, using webviews. Now, it is easier than ever to embed the Connect Widget in your mobile applications. 

You can read more about integrating the widget in your app here.

We also provide examples of code for iOS and Android

See our Connect Widget in action!

To make it as easy as possible for anyone to see our Connect Widget in action, we just released a public demonstration of the widget.

Using this demo, you can see how easy it is for users to connect accounts, play with the widget’s customization capabilities, and have a clear preview of all the powerful data you can access thanks to Belvo.

Check our Connect Widget demo here.

Best SAT connection in Mexico

Access to as many invoices as you need in SAT

Our Fiscal product help companies access data from SAT (Sistema de Administración Tributaria) so they can turn it into meaningful insights for their businesses. 

As part of this process, sometimes clients need to access a very large volume of invoices. However, the SAT web portal imposes limits on the number of daily XMLs downloads, and fetching this information becomes a cumbersome and time-consuming task since you need to spread the downloads across several days.

We recently released a reliable way of overcoming this limit, using e.firma, by allowing the download of large volumes of invoices (up to 200k invoices per day) directly from SAT.

With this feature, we are now the only SAT connection provider in Mexico offering non-limited access to invoices.

You can read more about how to access a big volume of SAT invoices here.

Check person or business tax compliance status

The Tax Compliance Status gives a snapshot indication about whether a person or business is complying with their tax obligations at the moment of the request. Lenders usually rely on this data point within their underwriting process as it provides valuable information on the creditworthiness of an individual or business.

To provide the most complete SAT connection in Mexico, we now allow checking your customer’s (person or business) tax compliance directly from our API. The information is extracted from SAT’s “Opinion de cumplimiento de Obligaciones Fiscales” document. 

You can read more about how to check your user tax compliance status here.

New developer portal

At Belvo, our objective is to provide the best developer experience possible. This is why we are continuously listening to developers’ feedback on our documentation and resources. 

Based on those valuable inputs, we have released a new version of our developer portal focusing on: 

  • A better overview of our capabilities through a revamped homepage
  • A complete getting started guide to help you get up and running with Belvo in minutes
  • A better organization of our content to navigate through our growing capabilities
  • More examples of flows and codes to build simple to more complex use cases

Check out our new developer portal!


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