Belvo is live

Pablo Viguera

Pablo Viguera Co-CEO and co-founder


Belvo is live

After months of development work and of talking to and getting feedback from clients though our beta program, we are proud to announce that Belvo is live. 🎉

Seven months ago, we set out on a mission to empower fintech innovators across Latam to access and interpret their end-users’ bank and financial data. As of today, our technology can help any developer in Latam unlock the power of Open Banking, all through one easy-to-use and integrate API.

Since we launched our beta program in Mexico in late October we have learned more than we could have imagined. We have worked with fintechs of all shapes and sizes and from different verticals to build a product that is tremendously robust, extremely well-documented and that syncs at lightning-fast speed.


Here are some highlights about what we’ve launched so far:

  • Our Developer Portal is the hub from which to get started. It includes a quickstart guide as well as powerful resources to easily integrate the Belvo API and start building. Some helpful resources include a Python SDK and a, soon to be launched, plug-and-play frontend module to integrate in apps and websites
  • We’ve also created a Sandbox environment so that anyone can test our API right away. This environment is completely free to use
  • Our API provides access to 10 financial institutions (representing +85% of market in terms of deposits and credit) as well as the tax authority in Mexico
  • Thanks to our technology we are able to provide incredible granularity and depth across endpoints. For example, for most banks in Mexico we are able to extract and share up to 24 months of transaction history

Next releases

Our clients are very excited by the what we’ve shipped so far, but there’s no stopping. In the coming weeks we’ll be releasing additional features to complement our current product, namely:

  • Webhooks, to get alerts when data has been updated in the underlying sources connected to our API
  • Alternative financial data sources, to access additional non-bank financial information providers.
  • Client portal, to view your API usage, manage permissions across your team and see insightful dashboards
  • Intelligence endpoints, to make sense of the data that is being provided through our API. Answering questions such as “what is this person’s salary?”, “what’s the average account balance over time?” or “what categories does this person spend most on?” will soon be possible via our API
  • Business accounts in Mexico. For the moment we’ve concentrated on retail accounts but will soon be releasing coverage for business accounts across all major banks in Mexico
  • First retail integrations in Colombia. We’ve received substantial interest from prospective clients in countries outside of Mexico and we’re pretty far along with our first integrations in our second country, Colombia

We have many more things under the hood that we’re very excited to be releasing and tell you about soon.

Join us

So far, tens of thousands of API calls have already been processed through our API. And at present, we’re onboarding some of the leading fintechs in Mexico to our production environment.

Give us a shout if you’d like to know more about what we’re building and how your product can get to the next level by connecting to our API. We’d love to help you get set up in no time.

We’re also hiring across the board in Barcelona, Mexico City and remotely. If you’d like to join us and are extremely passionate about creating the next generation of infrastructure for finance in Latam, feel free to ping Oriol or myself.


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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits