Belvo is now 100-strong!

Pablo Viguera

Pablo Viguera Co-CEO and co-founder


Belvo is now 100-strong!

About 12 months ago, we wrote about all the reasons why anyone looking for a high-impact and high-growth role should join Belvo. Back then, we were a team of just 40 people, our product had been live for about six months in Mexico and Colombia, and we were just launching in Brazil.

Fast forward to today and, while many things have changed and we have made tremendous progress, many of these same underlying factors remain. Without a doubt, Latin America remains one of the most exciting and dynamic places to be in right now and a great place to build infrastructure for the next generation of financial products for a huge market.

Today is a special day for us here at Belvo as we’ve surpassed the 100-person mark in the team. We’ve been super fortunate to surround ourselves with such a diverse, talented, and driven bunch. A team that gets things done, that is relentlessly curious, that seeks constant growth, and that is fun-loving. And a team that has been there and done that at other category-defining companies such as Stripe, Revolut, Mercado Libre, Rappi, or N26 to name a few. 

As we always say, our team is our superpower and none of what we’ve achieved to date would be possible without it. Creating a product developers love to use, that is currently rolled out across +125 clients in three countries and covering +50 financial institutions is no easy feat. But what is most notable is the ambition and drive that’s present among all 100 of us.

We share a common mission to democratize access to financial services in Latin America by opening up finance and powering more inclusive, efficient, and empowering products through tech and data. And to create category-defining infrastructure and Open Finance APIs that can financially improve the lives of over 600 million people.

A fast-growing, global team 🥳

As we officially become 100-strong today, here are some stats about the team:

  • 68% of the team is aged 25-34 and the median age is 30. 
  • 33% of our team is full-remote and we have three headquarters (CDMX, São Paulo, and Barcelona).
  • As a team, we cover eight hours in time zone difference!
  • There are 20 nationalities in the team with Brazilian being the most represented one.
  • 14 people have joined the team in the past three weeks and we currently have 25 open positions.

In addition to stats, there are also really cool stories that have happened in the team since we founded the company in May 2019. For example:

  • The first five people that joined the team are still with us today. They not only built out the core tech and product infrastructure but they helped shape our culture and values into what it is today
  • We’ve had interns in university that have gone on to join us full-time and have a massive impact on their teams and on the company.
  • There have been dozens of promotions in the team with some folks having been promoted twice or more.
  • Uri and I have interviewed every single person that has joined our team (and we will continue doing so in the future).

This is just getting started 🚀

While this is where we are today, we are not going to stop growing the team. We expect to double our headcount in the next six months and are currently hiring across the board in all locations (as well as remote) and for roles spanning across tech, product, sales, and strategy among others.

It’s only been a little over two years since we got started but it still feels like this is just the beginning. If you’re looking for a high-impact role with loads of autonomy and growth as well as to have a front-row seat in creating a category-defining company… You should definitely join us!

All our openings can be found here but feel free to also get in touch directly. We’d love to hear from you.


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