Belvo is turning two years old!

Pablo & Uri

Pablo & Uri Co-founders


Belvo is turning two years old!

We’re super excited to be celebrating our two-year anniversary today. It’s been a while since we first got started on this adventure in coffee shops between CDMX and Barcelona. And what a ride it’s been so far!

When starting out a startup –and if you’re anything like us–, you typically have the wildest dreams and ambitions. We started out with the vision to power the next generation of financial services in Latin America by enabling more inclusive, efficient, and empowering offerings through tech and data. 

Back then, people thought we were crazy – maybe for all the right reasons. But we took that as an indication of the potential to radically change the infrastructure financial innovators used across the region and to create an Open Finance movement from the ground up.

Fast forward to today and a lot of things have happened across the board, especially over the last 12 months.

Non-stop improvements 💻

On the product front, we have expanded our capabilities to new levels to meet our customers’ needs:

Team growth 💪

In the last 12 months, we have grown the team by 270%. In May 2020, we were 18 and are now almost 80. Back then we would comfortably fit at a dinner table and mostly everyone in the team had met in real life at some point. 

Fast forward to today and we’ve onboarded dozens of teammates who have only ever met via video calls. Today we have offices in CDXM, São Paulo, Barcelona and 25% of our team is full-remote

We also count 15 nationalities within our team and have brought onboard amazing and top-caliber teammates from companies such as Revolut, N26, Konfio, Rappi, Ebanx, Mercado Libre, and Gympass, among others. While we have grown the team considerably this past year, we won’t stop anytime soon and will continue to hire the best talent across all teams in the months to come.

Building the leading Open Finance platform in Latin America is a tough endeavor and you need the best people to accomplish it: we are always looking for those who dream big and share our passion of completely re-shaping the financial infrastructure of the region.

Trusted by leading innovators 🚀

Since May 2020 we’ve also dramatically expanded the number of innovators we serve across markets. Back then we’d been in the market, only in Mexico, for no more than a couple of months and we were working with a handful of clients. Companies that trusted us and that were bold enough to partner with us. Today we work with dozens of companies across Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, process over 2 million API calls per month and find it hard to onboard the growing demand we’re experiencing day in and day out. 

We are very proud to partner with some of the leading financial innovators including Minu, Mobills, Yave, askRobin, Enconta, Celero, Nelo, Tributi, and Tranqui Finanzas to name a few. It’s amazing to see the impact our Open Banking and Open Finance solutions are having on how they can build better products and, thus, better serve their customers.

After raising our $10m seed round in 2020 co-lead by Kaszek and Founders Fund, in June this year we’ve also raised our Series A $43 million funding round, welcoming new global investors such Future Positive, Kibo Ventures, and FJLabs. As well as renowned business angels including Sebastián Mejía, co-founder and president of Rappi, and Harsh Sinha, CTO of Wise (former Transferwise).

We feel very fortunate to have the backing and continued support of such high-caliber investors as we continue to grow and write the next chapters of the Open Banking and Open Finance movement in Latin America.

Thank you! 🥰

As we look back on the last 12 months and as we brace ourselves for the next few years, we also wanted to take a moment to say thank you… Thank you to all our customers, teammates, investors, and everyone we have crossed paths with over the past two years and who have, in some shape or form, helped us get to where we are today. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

As to what to expect from us in the future, we can only say that we’ll keep hustling to materialize our vision. Our second year was unbelievable but we will keep taking Open Finance in Latin America to new heights. We can’t wait to see what year three and beyond have in store. And we can’t wait to share it with all of you.


✍️ Pablo Viguera and Uri Tintoré are Belvo’s co-CEOs and cofounders.



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