Introducing our new API Reference in our developers portal

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Introducing our new API Reference in our developers portal

You told us. We listened. And now we can finally tell you that we’ve got a new API Reference, directly in our DevPortal. 

Belvo’s API Reference now lives inside our developers portal. You can still do all the things you could before: view example requests in all our SDKs as well as responses for different types of accounts, transactions, and so on. But now you can also test our API straight from the documentation and provide us with essential feedback on how we are doing.

Note: We’ll still keep our old reference documentation at up to date until 31st December 2021, to give you plenty of time to provide us feedback and get used to the new look and structure. Just head over to the new reference and use the feedback widget to give us your thoughts!

Recurring Expenses (BETA)

Want to help your users identify their recurring expenses? Then you’re going to love our new Recurring Expenses product. With just one API call we’ll identify all your users regular payments for subscription services, such as Netflix or gym memberships, as well as utility payments, such as electricity or phone bills.

Reach out to if you’d like to be part of the Recurring Expenses BETA program and take it for a test drive.

Dashboard: API keys and webhooks get some love

You may have noticed that you can now see separate sections for API keys and webhooks – it might seem minor, but it’s part of bigger improvements to come in the way we handle webhooks in the dashboard.

New institutions

Coverage is key – we know this. That’s why our team is constantly working on expanding the number of institutions we support to provide you with the best from the banking and gig institution worlds across Latin America. This month, we’re happy to announce:

  • Didi Conductor (Mexico)
    Expanding our gig-economy toolbox with Didi Conductor, you can now connect to all the major gig-economy providers in Mexico.
  • Inter (Brazil)
    Banco Inter joins the family of retail banking institutions supported in Brazil.  

If you’d like to know more, check out the full list of our supported institutions.


Improved Santander Business integration

Ensuring the smoothing experience when connecting to any financial institution is always on the top of our minds, and that’s why we’re happy to tell you that Santander Business in Brazil is now tokenless!


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