Introducing our new institutions status page

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Introducing our new institutions status page

Some of our most recent updates include new and automated ways to make sure developers always have up-to-date information about our products, features, and connections, so they can speed up processes and build with ease.

At Belvo, we work hard to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to build new financial experiences for your customers using our API platform. That’s why we constantly listen to your feedback and look for new ways to improve our product. 

These are some of the most recent product updates we’ve been working on, starting with a new institutions status page where you will find a live and historical update on the status of all the financial institutions supported by Belvo. 

Receive updates about our institutions’ status

Belvo allows you to connect to over 40 financial institutions across Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. And we know how relevant it is for you to know exactly what your customers can expect when linking their accounts to them using Belvo. 

Now, we have created a dedicated status page for our institutions’ connections so you can provide the best proactive support for your customers by being notified in real-time if an incident is happening with one of our connections.

On this status page, you can subscribe to receive automatic notifications (by email, webhooks, or SMS) on new incidents and resolutions on all the institutions, or just the ones you select.

Check out and subscribe to our institution status page here.

Better tracking for your customer’s connections

We released a very awaited feature that will help you keep track of the links you’ve created. Now, when creating a new link, you can tag your user by adding an “external_id” parameter that will be stored within the created connection. 

Using this new parameter, you will then be able to list all connections associated with a specific user

Check our external_id and link best practices here.

Institutions customization within our Connect Widget

We have released a brand new version of our widget allowing you to select exactly which institutions you want to offer to your customers. Thanks to this, it is now possible to show the Connect Widget only displaying the institutions you select. For example, BBVA, Banamex, Santander, or Itaú and Banco do Brasil.

Read our dedicated guide to set up the Connect Widget.

Full support of our income verification product in our sandbox

We have reworked our sandbox environment to provide full support to our enrichment solution. Now, you can fully evaluate the quality of our income verification product directly in our sandbox environment, in minutes, and with meaningful results.

Read more about our sandbox capabilities here.

Postman public workspace

When using our Postman collection, it could sometimes be challenging for developers to make sure they had the last up-to-date version. Using an outdated collection version could result in developers not making the most out of our new features, but also could generate various errors.

We have completely rebuilt our Postman collection by providing an official Belvo Postman workspace to help you test your product with a constantly up-to-date version.

Developers can now fork our public collection, subscribe to it to be automatically notified of new changes, and pull the new changes locally. 

Read more about our Postman support here.


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