Product update: new products release and more banking coverage

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Product update: new products release and more banking coverage

We are the first Open Finance player in Brazil to give access to receivables data, our latest aggregation product. We also expanded our fiscal product for the first time and now support DIAN in Colombia! We added new institutions and we kept working to improve our dashboard’s capabilities.

Long story short: we kept ourselves busy this summer 😎

Product updates

Receivables: point-of-sales (POS) data

We are the first Open Finance player in the Brazilian market to give access to historical receivables data from point-of-sale (POS) devices. We currently provide access to two types of data:

  • Accounts: which returns an aggregated view of receivables data.
  • Transactions: which display every transaction processed through a POS device.

Historical receivables data are particularly useful for B2B lenders and ERPs, as it allows them to get accurate insights about businesses’ sales transactions and their economic activities. By doing so, companies can improve their day-to-day operations and retail commerces, such as restaurants or retail stores, can receive personalized financial services.

We aim to create a one-stop-shop to consume receivable data from multiple sources and we currently support Rede and Getnet, with new institutions coming very soon!

Expanding our Fiscal product in Colombia

We are very excited to release our new and first fiscal institution in Colombia: DIAN!

Through Belvo’s API, you can now quickly and safely retrieve fiscal information from individuals and legal persons held by DIAN, the Colombian government agency responsible for financial regulation and tax collection.

With our new product, in beta, companies can obtain a complete report of their users about their tax returns, the RUT and download all invoices issued and received for a selected period of time.

Debug faster, directly in Belvo’s dashboard

During the past few months, we have worked hard to help our customers to debug faster and easily without leaving the dashboard. And we just enabled the new links section to allow our customers to check anything related to a link, directly from the dashboard.

Below are some of the capabilities of the new feature:

  • Listing all the links,
  • Search by external ID,
  • Check the status, last access, creation date, refresh rate, or access mode,
  • See all the API calls related to a link,
  • Check the last events a recurrent link generated.

We take special care of our developer tools and this feature provides our customers a better way to debug everything relating to a link, check it out!

Our Connect Widget has been pumped

We are very happy to announce that we made some adjustments to the look and feel of our desktop widget! We improved its resolution and we trickled its design to display an adapted layout for desktop devices.

Our Connect Widget helps businesses to improve their onboarding experience with fast response times and is fully compliant with the latest security requirements. Check out the work done by our design team about user experience best practices to optimize conversion!

New data sources and coverage

Mercado Pago in da-house

Because customers’ feedback is critical to us, we always work to increase our banking coverage keeping in mind which institutions are more requested. And we’re very happy to bring Mercado Pago for retail accounts in Brazil, our most searched institution!

You can now retrieve all the Banking endpoints for this institution: accounts, transactions, balances, and owners. And our Enrichment products as well.

New institutions in Colombia

We also released a new institution for the Colombian market: Daviplata. We already provide all the Banking endpoints and Enrichment products for this institution 🎉

Davivienda’s digital wallet allows customers to easily, quickly, and safely manage their money from their mobile phones to make transactions from anywhere in Colombia. By the end of 2021, it had more than 13 million active users for a total of 1,300 billion transactions to be the largest neobank in Colombia.

If you’d like to know more, you can check the full list of our supported institutions by country.

Happening at Belvo

Citi investment

Last week we announced that Citi Ventures, Citi’s venture capital investing group, has made an investment in Belvo to help push Open Finance forward in Latin America!

The financing is already leading to joint explorations of opportunities to bolster the development of the Open Finance ecosystem in Mexico. Specifically, Belvo is exploring ways to create new products and services that leverage Open Finance and that can foster more innovation and financial inclusion.

“This investment is yet another great sign of the increasing collaborative efforts that are taking place between fintechs and traditional financial players in Latin America in the context of Open Finance.” Pablo Viguera, co-CEO and cofounder of Belvo

It is great news for the ecosystem of financial innovators across the region and we’re very excited to collaborate with Citi in their commitment to innovation.

Open Views podcast

In case you missed it, we also launched our own podcast: Open Views, available on Spotify. The idea behind this project is to create a space where financial innovators can meet, discuss and exchange the most relevant news for the Open Finance ecosystem in Latin America.

You can already listen to the episodes in Portuguese about PIX, the Brazilian payment method, the regulation of open finance, and a panel about investments and the effects of open finance in this ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more episodes to come, including new ones in Spanish 🥁


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