What’s the ROI of open finance across the world?

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What’s the ROI of open finance across the world?

In our latest white paper, we aim to better understand the impact, benefits and return on investment (or ROI) that open banking and open finance models are already bringing to the business of fintech companies around the world.

Open banking and open finance models are changing the way millions of people around the world manage their money. However, many companies are still wondering: what is the return on investment (ROI) I can get from these models?

In our new white paper ‘How to extract ROI from open finance‘, we answer this question with the help of a panel of nine experts from internationally renowned companies, such as Revolut and Plum; leaders in the open finance API ecosystem, like Plaid; and some of the most relevant players in the Latin American fintech sector, such as Minu in Mexico and Mobills in Brazil. 

Eight use cases from open finance pioneers 🚀

With their help, we analyze eight use cases including credit, PFM, and accounting solutions. With them, we cover both examples from markets where open banking regulations have already been successfully introduced –such as the UK and Europe–, as well as from those where these models are still evolving, such as Mexico and Brazil. 

We look at the challenges these companies faced and how they solved them using open banking solutions, as well as the tangible results they obtained to improve their business models. 

The state of open finance regulation globally 🌎

Looking across the world can help us understand how these models can evolve and understand the specific benefits that they are already bringing to companies and millions of users. 

That’s why we explore how the regulation ecosystem has evolved in different markets and specific countries including Latin America, Brazil, Australia, the UK, Europe, the US, Southeast Asia, and Africa. 

Finally, we also analyze the role of open finance API providers, and how these companies are adapting to the needs of the fintech ecosystem in different parts of the world, building the connectivity infrastructure that connects traditional financial institutions, new players, and consumers.

Learn more about ROI in our white paper 👇

“While this new ecosystem takes shape, many players are moving forward and starting to take advantage of technology and data to create more inclusive, efficient, and modern financial services. They are the pioneers that are anticipating what the future of financial services will look like tomorrow, and making it a reality today”

Pablo Viguera, Belvo’s co-founder and CEO. 

Download our white paper to understand the impact open banking has already had on companies and millions of people around the world, who now enjoy their financial lives differently. 

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