Incorporating Belvo to your funnel means that your user base can benefit from the ability to connect their data and therefore enjoy fairer credit offers, save time by directly connecting their accounts to ERPs,  and/or benefit from more accurate insights about their finances into their personal or company money management app. 

For your company, this improvement in your offering means several things from a strategic point of view

  • Marketing strategy: You can review your target personas and broaden them if applicable as you can cover traditionally underserved segments like users with lower credit scores or banks. 
  • Messaging and positioning as an innovator: Because you will have more data you can use it to offer better products (either more competitive credit offers, credit offers with low payment history or better insights into your PFM).
  • Expected increase in conversion Rates: Thanks to open finance, you will be able to incorporate more clients to your funnel or offer a second funnel for those that are refused from the standard one. This means better conversion rates, lower cost of acquisition and higher ROI.  
  • Speeding up: Time to value and speed of reconciliation: Improve the time-to-value of your ERP with quick reconciliation. Using open finance technology, your customer can conciliate their accounts in minutes and start to visualize a full functioning ERP implementation faster.

Let customers know that Belvo is available in your funnel with clear messaging. Make sure to highlight security, privacy and the flexibility that Belvo provides as we develop further in this guide.